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Proven solutions to a healthier, faster and successful marathon. With just 4 days a week, you can break your personal record regardless of your age, gender, current speed or skill level!


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  • Boston Marathon Training Program - Dreaming of being the leader of the pack in the Boston Marathon? You'll need a marathon training program that involves more that just running. You'll also need to build lower body strength so you have the edge when it comes to speed and endurance.
  • Boston Marathon Training Tips - Do you want some tips for running the Boston Marathon that will move you closer to your goal of heading the pack, maybe even winning the event? To do that, you'll need advice on how to correctly combine improving mental and physical stamina with endurance and lower body strength in your training.
  • Chicago Marathon Training Program - Many Chicago Marathon training programs will let you down by failing to produce the results they promised. Often, the reason is that they don't focus on the correct thing, which is building your lower body by developing more powerful leg muscles. Other crucial factors that be neglected are footwear, mental stamina, physical endurance and nutrition. Without these combined in the right balance, any marathon training program just won't cut it to get you to your next level.
  • Chicago Marathon Training Tips - Looking for some training tips to help you improve your time and run faster in the Chicago Marathon? Our program not only will help you break your personal record, but do it with only 4 workout sessions a week! Now you can not only run better in your marathons, but also have a life outside of them!
  • How to Run a Marathon - If you've never done it before, the question of how to run in a marathon can be intimidating. You should know that the key is to focus on building lower body strength and increasing endurance. Most training programs overlook those two crucial elements, however, so you need to make sure that you find one that helps you make them the crux of your training regimen. You'll also still taking into account other critical factors, such as mental outlook, footwear and nutrition. You won't find a program that does this like ours anywhere else!
  • Improve Marathon Time - Who wouldn't want a training program that would help them better their marathon performance? With tools focused on helping you improve your marathon time and a 4 days a week training schedule for the competitive runner (who also wants a life), you can't ask for anything better than that!
  • Marathon Training Book - Sometimes all you need is the right book to help you with your marathon training. My book will tell you all you need to know regarding equipment, balancing physical and mental stamina and properly combining exercise and nutrition.
  • Marathon Training Program - Finally, the marathon training program you've been looking for! If you've been wanting a program that will instruct you in how to increase lower body strength and get better running times, this is it! You'll get more power in your legs, run faster, increase endurance, minimize lower body fatigue and prevent catastrophic injuries that results from overuse.
  • Marathon Training Tips - Do you want to finish a marathon faster and improve your running time? Do you feel that you need some tips for your marathon training program that will help you that will strengthen your lower body in the process? You may not win every marathon you compete in, but this advice will improve your lower body strength and stamina unlike anything you've ever tried before.
  • New York Marathon Training Program - Do you want to run competitively in the New York Marathon, but are hesitant to commit to a program whose regimen has you training every single day? Who would blame you? It's known that the normal marathon training programs that have you grinding every day just produce one end result - injury. So you'll be happy to know that you can compete effectively in the New York Marathon with training only four days a week coupled with understanding the ins and outs regarding proper nutrition, equipment and how to strengthen your mental stamina.
  • New York Marathon Training Tips - There's no false promises that you'll always win the New York Marathon if you follow these training tips, but we can say it will help you achieve your goals and finish closer to the marathon leaders. These are based on our personal success at running, and now you can benefit from our experience and training, too!
  • San Francisco Marathon Training Program - Looking for a training program to prepare for the San Francisco Marathon by increasing your lower body strength, helping you run faster and build your endurance? If so, then this is what you're looking for! Not only will this program help you prepare for the San Francisco Marathon, it doesn't overlook the other benefits of marathon training, such as more powerful legs and lower body strength, less lower body fatigue, increased endurance and stamina, faster and more effective running and injury-free training.
  • San Francisco Marathon Training Tips - Ever imagined winning a marathon? These San Francisco Marathon training tips might just be the key to that dream! Keep in mind, though, that these tips are geared toward the serious athlete, and not just someone who runs for enjoyment. While we can't guarantee that following these will enable you to win every race, it will improve your ability to compete. Ultimately, it's your dedication, desire and determination that will decide how much these tools will benefit you.
  • Seattle Marathon Training Program - Do you want to a Seattle Marathon training program that will protect you from injury through overuse? Then you need to find one that can effectively guide you to increase your ability to run faster with endurance without running your body into the ground. Check out our program, and you can start improving your marathon time today!
  • Seattle Marathon Training Tips - With these marathon training tips you'll be able can run faster, longer and more effectively in the Seattle Marathon. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by investing in yourself through this program that's designed for the serious runner looking to improve their marathon time with the right combination of diet and exercise.

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