Do you want to finish closer to the head of the pack in the Boston Marathon, maybe even win the event? Our program can help you achieve those goals!

We aren't going to promise that our Boston marathon training tips are going to enable you to win the next race, but there are a few other things that we can promise you, such as positive results once you have completed our program. You're going to:

  • develop more powerful legs
  • increase your endurance and stamina
  • minimize lower body fatigue
  • protect yourself from running injuries (especially those that result from overuse)
  • run faster and improve marathon time

You want to remember that the secret to finishing better or even winning any marathon is all about employing the right combination of mental and physical stamina as well as improving endurance levels and lower body strength. Our Boston marathon training tips can help you achieve your marathon performance by enabling you to realize the above results. The bottom line is that you are going be a more effective runner while learning the key elements that help improve marathon time.

It only takes working out 4 times a week - not all the time!

You read that correctly. Only 4 workouts per week could be the difference between finishing closer to the leader of the pack or closer to the "caboose". And you still get to have a life when you are involved in your Boston marathon training. The choice is up to you. We're not here to shove some useless information that you can't benefit from down your throat. We're here to help you achieve your marathon training goals while you remain fit and healthy in the process. Besides the above, there are other benefits to running. In addition to helping you compete better, running helps you to:

  • feel better
  • get outdoors more often
  • lose weight or keep the weight off
  • relieve stress

You also want to consider a few other aspects that equate to how successful you will be when running your next Boston marathon. Your running success also hinges on three other factors:

  • your equipment - footwear is everything when you are a runner so you need to make sure that this equipment benefits your feet to enhance your performance
  • proper nutrition - any fitness trainer that knows what they are doing will tell you that your success with fitness, health, and even weight loss are achieved more readily when you come up with the right combination of diet and exercise
  • stamina levels - another critical factor is your endurance and your stamina level can be what makes or breaks how well you hang in there and finish



We know that you already value your fitness and health levels. Otherwise you wouldn't be committed to running competitively and trying to improve marathon time. So what are you waiting for?

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